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ESD Case Study: We have provided the following four scenarios to help with your grounding requirements.

1. I have a small workbench and am looking for ESD protection for one worker.


An ESD mat kit may be the right fight for you. Our standard ESD mat kits are 2’x3’ or 2’x4’. Our ESD mat kits come with a wrist strap and ground cord. The kit comes pre-assembled and only requires you to hook up the ground cord to a grounding point and your wrist strap to the mat. Your ESD safe workbench can be setup in minutes.

2. I have a few workbenches of different sizes and would like to setup multiple ESD safe workstations.

Our most cost effective method involves purchasing one of our 50 ft. mat rolls. We offer ESD mat rolls in different colors and different sizes. They are available in 2' x 50', 3' x 50' or 4' x 50' sizes.. In order to properly ground your workstation, you will require some of our grounding accessories. To setup a workstation from scratch, you will need to purchase a set of snapsockets, one snaptool a common ground cord for each workstation you intend to setup and a wrist strap for each user per ESD safe workstation

3. I have a static problem in my work area and just want to eliminate as much static as possible. I walk around a lot and don’t exactly work in any one area or workstation.

An ESD Floor mat is what you’re looking for. We offer two types of ESD Floor mats. One is an anti fatigue floor mat and our other option is an anti-fatigue V-groove mat. Both ESD mats are designed to provide comfort on the feet and legs for long term standing. The V-groove ESD mat is a preferred mat for sitting due to the external grooves in the matting. The V-grooves in the ESD mat provide better stability for chairs with wheels. Just like our ESD tabletop mat, you would need to purchase some necessary grounding accessories. To set up your ESD floor mat, you would need to purchase a set of snapsockets, a snaptool and a floor ground cord for each cut piece of floor mat.

4. I have a machine and work area that whenever I use, I get an electric shock. Is there a way to lessen the static buildup?

You can place one of our ESD Mat Kits under the piece of equipment you are using while only connecting the mat kit to a grounding point; the wrist strap would be unnecessary unless you plan to ground yourself as well. By grounding the machinery or workspace, the static will be absorbed into the mat.